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Please accept this letter as a testimonial for the hard work and great service performed by Wentworth Contracting. We have truly
enjoyed our relationship with WCS and look forward to continuing to work together in the future.

The quality, efficiency and final product of their work was truly amazing. WCS' pricing is always competitive if not low, but most
importantly, from top down they are a pleasure to work with. The pride they take in their workmanship and the professionalism of
their emplotyees are second to none. They do a great job of developing a budget, sticking to that budget, while delivering the
project on time.

If something is not performed to our expectations (a rare occurrence) a remedy is only a brief phone call away. If you would like
any additional information or have questions, I'd be glad to speak on WCS' behalf.

Tony Borchers
Director of Development
Fivestar Lifestyles, LLC
(816) 777-2277


When our house burned down our insurance company sent over a restoration/contracting company the very next day. We spoke
with them and gave them details of our home, a day later they came back to us to present a bid to rebuild. To rebuild our home
exactly as it stood before the fire, was going to cost us $30,000 to $40,000 more than our home had been worth before the fire.
We were flooded and at a time when we did not think we could have felt more defeated, we were knocked down another notch.

I have known Kenny Wentworth for more than 28 years and knew he was a commercial contractor. I called Kenny to see if he
could help out an old friend and look over the bid from the other contractor, then tell me where we were being taken advantage
of. Kenny said he would be glad to help, but then asked me if I would be willing to let him bid on the rebuild. I told him I didn't even
realize he would want to deal with a residential build, or I would have called him right away. We sat down with Kenny and
described the house as it was and some  changes we would like to make. He left with the information and a few days later
returned with a detailed bid, with the significant changes we wanted to make, it was less than the other company's bid, to put our
house back the way it was.

From the beginning we were impressed with Kenny and his team. Our wants and needs were always addressed and we were
able to be directly involved with the rebuild. Kenny kept us informed of everything that was happening and who was doing the
work. There was a schedule for us to follow, explaining different areas would be constructed and with the exception of a short
rain delay, everything was completed just as scheduled. The quality of the work was exceptional and Kenny was there everyday
overseeing the work. There were many moments that spoke to Kenny's attention to detail, but one that stands out was the day
when the interior days were delivered. Our previous home had the standard hollow, basic grade bedroom and bathroom doors.
When we saw the high quality doors that Kenny had ordered for our new home, we were floored. They were beautiful, solid
wood, detailed doors. His team stained them to match all the wood in the home and those doors are a wonderful finish to the
home. Wentworth Contracting never cut corners in any area of our home.

We lost everything in the fire that took our home, at a time when we were dealing with so many adjustments in our life, it was
such a relief to be able to trust the team rebuilding our home. Our house burned down on January 27, 2009, construction began
in March, and we were back in our home on August 28, 2009. WCS built a beautiful new home for us, complete with custom
bathrooms and tile work, hardwood floors, and energy efficient heating and cooling. We could not have asked for a better
contractor to rebuild our home and I would recommend Wentworth Contracting to anyone needing work, whether residential or

Carol Reed                                                              To see photographs from the fire loss through the reconstruction, click
Merriam, KS


I wanted to take time to write and commend you, your employees and your subcontractors for a job well
done. We asked you on “short notice” to bid our tenant finish. Not only did you come back with the winning
competitive bid, you started the job on time. WCS finsihed the job on time and on budget, “how could
anyone ask for anything more!”

As accountants, we especially appreciate your clear communication throughout the construction process.
Change orders were documented, priced and agreed upon concurrently with the progress of the work
completed. Your schedule was emailed on a regular basis, tracking the progress of payments made,
updated with change orders and the balance of contract payable. There were no surprises at the end of
the job. Please accept our thanks and congratulations, we wish you much success.

Mary J Hayslett
Edwards, Hayslett & Co.
Parkville, Mo.
(816) 298-9000


I am very happy to write a letter of recommendation based on the work you did for my wife and I, as the general contractor for
our home remodeling project, finished in 2005. It was an extensive remodel for our home, costing about $200,000 and because
of the size of the project, we were nervous about the contract and construction process. You began the project on time and did it
on the budget you promised. You kept us up to date on the progress of the remodel and the expenditures, and worked with us on
minor changes that we made through the course of construction. At the completion of the remodel, we could not have been any
happier with the outcome, your professionalism and attention to detail were astounding. If we ever have any need for a general
contractor again, you can be assured that we will come to you first.

We appreciate the work you did for us and ask that you use this letter as you see fit, while talking to potential clients. If they have
any questions, please feel free to give our name and telephone number and we would be happy to discuss it with them.

Good luck with your ongoing business.

Matt & Joanne Gratton


I have worked with Wentworth Contracting on numerous projects over the past eight years and have found the company to
provide a superior product and capability. I attribute the success of WCS to the professionalism and attention to detail, exhibited
by owner Kenny Wentworth. Kenny has an extensive background in the construction industry and with his leadership, projects run
smoothly, on budget and on schedule.
Two Projects that I have worked with kenny on, prior to him founding WCS, were each valued at well over $500,000. Kocher &
Beck was a tenant finish project in Shawnee, kansas and a new building project for Scott Shane of Paola, Kansas, that contains
storage space, as well as Scott's personal residence.

Wentworth Contracting is a highly capable General Contractor. My experience with Kenny Wentworth has lead to my
endorsement and recommendation of his company to my clients, for projects of any size and complexity.

Daniel Terrence Tevis, AIA, NCARB
Principle, Tevis Architects


Finding a reliable, dependable contractor to work with today can be a tough task, however, we've found one in WCS. We have
been working with Kenny since 2002 with great results. In fact, we have increased our working relationship to nearly 10-12 jobs
per year and our confidence with WCS has allowed us to perform work in a comfortable and worry free environment. Omega
recommends Wentworth Contracting to any looking to complete a quality commercial job.

We have been pleased with their service and professionalism and look forward to working with them in the future.

Steve Dickmann
Commercial Sales, Omega Door & Hardware

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